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Styling Team 

Who We Are


Karla Davis-Luster



Certified in Fashion Industry Essentials

Unloading Visual Style

Thinking Like A Designer

Understanding Fashion Production

Working in Fashion Media

Developing Marketing & PR

Parson's School of Design is Featured on TV's Lifetime Show

Project Runway


Erin Davis

Partner | PR & Marketing | Makeup Artist

Along with receiving my degree in Communications and Media from DePaul University, I also developed a passion in make up. This beautiful desire created through this art form all started when I decided to follow make up looks inspired by Beauty Vlogers from the earlier days of Youtube. I have grown to taking my passion and expertise to the next level, ensuring I provide make up services that will leave the crowd in awe.


Grace Hynes 

Photographer | Stylist

My name is Grace Hynes. I love fashion because I can make a statement without speaking. I have styled most of my friends for their photoshoots. My sense of style changes and grows as I change and grow. Nevertheless, what has remained the same was keeping solid tones, simple pieces but having a simple piece to draw the eye to that piece.


Yvonne Plummer 

Stylist | Interior Designer

I, Yvonne Plummer, Fashion & Interior Designer, started loving fashion at the age of 10. Make up, dressing up and anything design have been my thing. My experience in the Fashion world extends vast and far, from coordinating weddings to interior designing. As a stylist, my customers are very important and the smile I see after revealing the final project always leave me with a feeling of accomplishment.

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